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[en] Smoking Bans as a Gendered Issue

Secondhand Smoke Policies are Concerns specific to Women There are policies which are evidently gendered, like reproductive rights. Identifying  smoking bans — or protection against secondhand smoke — as a gendered issue, on the contrary, requires argumentation and evidence. This … Continue reading

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[en] Spaghetti & Surfaces

It turns out that spaghetti not only are completely enjoyable in carbonara, but also help you to grasp the not really intuitive fact that hyperboloids with one sheet are made out of straight lines (in fact they are even doubly … Continue reading

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[∀] Education ⊶ Taylorism

[Pictures/Bilder/Fotos/Foto] Studierende der Universität Zürich vor der Prüfung ≚ Students from the University of Zurich before the exam ≚ Estudiantes de la Universidad de Zurich antes del examen ≚ Studenti dell’Università di Zurigo prima dell’esame ∿ Massenabfertigung von ausBildung ⊨ Lieferung per Fliessband / education mass manufacture ⊨automated workflow ⋗ never leave the assembly line / produEducazione in massa ⊨ consegna a nastro trasportatore. Continue reading

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